Welcome to the website of the Grace Covenant Church Of God. Our congregation is made up of a group of
people just like you who gather together to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Our mission here is to reach a city, county, country, and world with the love of Jesus. We are located in the
heart of New Ellenton, South Carolina.

Our church holds weekly services on Sunday and Wednesday and we would love to have you come visit and make us, your new church home. Feel free to visit our links to see information about our service times
and our staff. God bless!

For questions or information concerning Grace Covenant you may call 803-652-2103.
Office hours are 9am-2pm Monday-Friday... closed all day Wednesday

"GO...... "

(Matthew 28:19)

The main thing about the call of God is to “go”.

Even in the Old Testament, Noah was told to “go” build an ark. Abraham was told to “go” into another
country. Moses was told to “go” lead Israel out of Egypt. Aaron was told to “go” with him. Moses was
told to “go” to the mountain and then to “go” to the people. Joshua was commanded to “go” over
Jordan and then to “go” march around Jericho, and then “go” possess all of the Land.

David was told to “go” meet Goliath. Elijah was instructed to “go” preach, to “go” to the Brook Cherith,
to “go” to the widow’s house, to “go” show himself to Ahab and to “go” over Jordan to catch the fiery
chariot to Heaven!

The first thing in the Gospel is “Go…”

The disciples were told to “go” preach Jesus. And they were commanded to “go” heal, deliver and
witness. Peter was told “go” to the house of Cornelius. Paul was told to “go” preach after his baptism
in the Spirit at Damascus. After Barnabas was told to “go” to Antioch and find Paul, they both were told by
the Spirit to “go” preach where the Spirit would lead them.

Without the “go” in “Gospel”--church becomes just a “spel” of lesser important activity-without the
impetus or motivation Christ left us to win souls!

Let’s purpose to “go”--every day we can, in every way we can, to everyone we can!

"Gather the fuel. Stir the embers. Fan the flame!!".
Pastor Foster

Grace Covenant Church of God, New Ellenton, SC

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